Why AI Graduate

Why should I read articles here instead of Medium?

AI Graduate started with an aim to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone. We gathered engineers from across the globe, working in startups and companies like Amazon, Microsoft etc and got them to pen down their coding experience.

Why are we bringing our articles out of the paywall?

We started with Medium but since they only promote content behind paywalls, we decided to make all our articles freely available. Our medium publications are still growing but we want people to be able to access all articles for free as well.

The CodeHub – Medium
A place to start loving the coding life. Begin and enhance your coding life. We publish articles on the beauty of coding in a variety of languages like Python, R, Javascript etc.
AI Graduate – Medium
1 high quality article every Friday. AI Graduate is the community for AI enthusiasts, researchers and writers. This publication demystifies the field and make it accessible to all.

What do we do?

We publish content for beginners. We write short articles which help beginners grasp concepts related to programming, data science, machine learning etc. Our writers write about a variety of languages - R, Python, Javascript, Ruby etc.

How much time do you have to spend?

Every article takes around 3-7 minutes of your time but leaves you with a small sense of achievement. You go back to your day, knowing one more concept in the field of your choice.